About us

We began our activities in 1996. Our company specializes in the development and production of cosmetics. The foundation of our business is a qualified and experienced team equipped with cutting-edge technology. By working effectively, we continually improve process management, labor organization and planning. By taking market changes into account, we are able to improve rapidly and constantly expand our range by creating new, attractive, high-quality products. In manufacturing our products, we use tested, carefully selected components which meet international standards. We focus on raw material of natural origin. All of our products are produced according to original formulas developed by our company. Our goal is to ensure overall customer satisfaction.

VISION – to be recognized as a professional cosmetic manufacturing company by customers and partners.

MISSION – to create products that are innovative and attractive to consumers by combining experience and capabilities, technology and natural resources.

OUR VALUES – quality, reliability, responsibility, innovation.A quality management system conforming to ISO 9001: 2008 standards has been developed and implemented at our company. Product quality is also confirmed by the use of good manufacturing practices at our company which help ensure product quality in all stages of production. We aspire to only produce products which are safe and of outstanding quality.

Quality improvement principle: Plan - Do - Check.

Quality goals:

  • To gain insight into customer expectations and analyze their needs. To develop and improve the quality of the products we produce based on market changes and capabilities.
  • To make the right decisions on issue which impact the improvement of labor organization and performance.
  • Fulfil agreements and commitments with customers, suppliers, employees.
  • To improve and evaluate the effectiveness of the quality management system.
  • To provide the resources needed for the quality management system, look after their effective use, and review and measure quality goals on a regular basis.